Updated Moving Announcement – Billa Street office now open!

Dr. Alexander Ferreira and Dr. Ashley White have moved their family medical practices from Oak street to the new secondary site located at 16 Billa Street, Bancroft effective immediately. 

Dr. Dayna Noltie is also located at 16 Billa Street and has officially started her family medicine practice with the Bancroft Family Community Health Team.

Most of the Family Health Team staff previously located at our Manor site at 1P Manor Lane have moved to our main site located at 19 Oak Street.

Dr. Parambir Keila’s family medical practice will be remaining at our Manor site.

All of these doctors are still members of the Bancroft Community Family Health Team and their patients continue to be able to access all the health programs and services that we offer.

All other Physicians (Dr. Griffin, Dr. Fransky, Dr. Brown, Dr. Blanchard, & Dr. Gerasimoff) and Family Health Team staff are not moving and will continue to be at the 19 Oak Street medical clinic location.

Below are some key contact numbers for your reference:

19 OAK STREET SITE  Ph# 613-332-1565   Fx# 613-332-0526

Extension 221  –  Dr. Griffin & Dr. Fransky reception

Extension 222  –  Dr. Brown reception

Extension 236  –  Dr. Gerasimoff & Dr. Blanchard reception

Extension 220  –  Family Health Team  reception

16 BILLA STREET SITE  Ph# 613-332-1565   Fx# 613-332-0526

Extension 245  –  Dr. Ferreira & Dr. Nolte reception

Extension 259  –  Dr. White reception

1P MANOR LANE SITE  Ph# 613-332-5692   Fx# 613-332-5749

Extension 221 – Dr. Keila reception

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April 2020