The Medical Clinic is made up of 9 Family Physician’s situated between 3 separate locations. 

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Phone lines for the Medical Clinic are open from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, they are closed for lunch from 12:30 to 1:30 and reopen from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

All offices are closed the last Wednesday of the month for training and professional development. 

Oak Street Site

19 Oak Street, PO Box 1089 Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0

Phone: 613-332-1565 Fax: 613-332-0526

Dr. Carolyn Brown & Dr. Micayla Ahearn

Nurse is Jenny (Ext 228) 

Receptionist is Courtney N. (Ext 222)

Dr. Steven Griffin 

Nurse is Meryl (Heather)  (Ext 232) 

Receptionist is Linda (Ext 221)

Dr. Melissa Fransky

Nurse is Meryl (Heather) (Ext 232) 

Receptionist is Shannon (Ext 229)

Dr. Jennifer Gerasimoff & Dr. Eric Blanchard

Nurse is Lindsay (Ext 237) 

Receptionist is Beth (Ext 236)


Billa Street Site 

16 BIlla Street, PO Box 578 Bancroft, Ontario K0L 1C0

Phone: 613-332-1565 Fax: 613-332-3933

Dr. Alex Ferreira 
Kevin Penney – Physician Assistant 

Nurse is Ruth Ann (Ext 256) 

Receptionist is Lisa  (Ext 245)

Office Support is Janet (Ext 317)

Dr. Dayna Nolte

Nurse is Nicole (Ext 307) 

Receptionist is Jenna  (Ext 259)

Manor Street Site

1 Manor Lane, PO Box 578 Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0

Phone: 613-332-5692 Fax: 613-332-5749

Dr. Parambir Keila

Nurse/Reception is Valerie (Ext 222)

The BCFHT is made up of allied health professionals and support staff who work collaboratively with The Medical Clinic Physician’s to support patients with their healthcare needs. 

Family Health Team Professionals 

Oak Street Site

19 Oak Street, PO Box 1089 Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0

Phone: 613-332-1565 Fax: 613-332-5541


Jordana Bain / Shari Comerford / Amanda D’Angelo

Nurse for NP’s is Brenna (Ext 250) 

Receptionist for NP’s is Erica (Ext 265)

for Family Health Team services are booked by the
main reception at 613-332-1565 EXT. 220
Courtney (Ext 220) or Carrie (Ext 261)

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Dana (Ext 243)

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Tammy (Ext 242)

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Amanda (Ext 241)

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Hayley  (Ext 235)

Healthy Living /Dietitian – Stephanie (Ext 240)

Injection Clinic – Rebecca (Ext 207)

Palliative System Navigation  – Mallory (Ext 264)

System Navigation –  Rebecca (Ext 266)

Chronic Pain Clinic – Hope (Ext 206)

Addictions and Mental Health System Navigation – Hope (Ext 206) 

Social Worker – Marilyn (Ext 260)

Social Worker – Joelle (Ext 204)

Social Worker – Sarah (Ext 203)

Chiropodist – Natasha (Ext 247)

Respiratory Therapist – Casey (Ext 205)

Physiotherapist – Kevin

Physiotherapy Assistant – Nidhi

Diabetic Footcare – Jenann (Ext 247)

Health Equity & OTN – Rebecca (Ext 250) **All OTN appointments are booked through Rebecca Fransky using for system BAN_BFHT_4860

Appointment Notifications – Kate (Ext 224)

Billing and Quality improvement – Gwen (Ext 239)

Data Management Coordinator – Angela (Ext 227)

Executive Assistant – Jocelyn (Ext 233)

Executive Director – Sandra (Ext 201)