Family Physician Recruitment Program

Hastings County developed the Family Physician Recruitment Program in 2006 to help ease the family doctor shortage that was being experienced across the 14 member municipalities of Hastings County.

Rather than offer a financial incentive to attract existing family doctors from other municipalities, and thus leaving them without a doctor, Hastings County took the long-term approach of recruitment by supporting medical students and residents of Canadian Medical Schools with their high expenses.

The program pays out $150,000 over 5 years to medical students or residents of a Canadian Medical School, or recent graduates who have not yet begun their practice, in exchange for providing 5-years of service practicing family medicine in Hastings County when they begin to practice.

The program has been very successful in addressing the shortage with 18 doctors signed through the program, and 16 currently practicing across Hastings County, and 2 expected to begin over the next year.

For more information about our program, and to hear from some of the doctors who have signed with us, please watch the video on this page.

Contact John Nicholas at: or at 613.966.1311 ext. 2335 with any questions about our Program, or to arrange a tour of the medical facilities in Hastings County.

HealthForceOntario Northern and Rural Recruitment and Retention Initiative 

The Northern and Rural Recruitment and Retention (NRRR) Initiative offers taxable financial incentives to each eligible physician who establishes a full-time practice in an eligible community of the province. The grants range between $80,000 and $117,600 paid over a four-year period. The grants will be awarded based on eligibility criteria and considerations related to total NRRR Initiative budget allocations – Bancroft has an RIO score of 62 – $101,040 over a four-year period.