Medical Clinic:

Dr. Carolyn Brown & Dr. Mikayla Ahern 

  • Nurse for above is Jenny Kellar and Receptionist is Terrilea Graf

Dr. Steven Griffin & 

  • Nurse for above doctors is Meryl Hall, Receptionist is Linda Mitchell

Dr. Melissa Fransky

  • Nurse for above doctors is Meryl Hall, Receptionist is Courtney Bruce

Dr. Jennifer Gerasimoff & Dr. Eric Blanchard

  • Nurse for above doctors is Heather Sparrey and Receptionist is Carly Hazelwood

Dr. Alex Ferreira

  • Nurse for above doctor is Ruth Ann Gaebel and Receptionist is Jill Andrews

Dr. Ashley White

  • Clinical assistant is Shannon Bird and Receptionist is Jaycee Graves

Mark McLennan – Physicians Assistant for Dr. White and Dr. Ferreira

Dr. Dayna Noltie

  • Nurse for above is Krystal Townsend and Receptionist is Jill Andrews 

Dr. Parambir Keila

  • Nurse for above doctor is Valerie Robbins and Receptionist is Jessica Osborne

Our Health Team Professionals:

Nurse Practitioner – Jordana Bain

Nurse Practitioner – Shari Comerford

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Dana McMurray

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Tammy Ives

Healthy Living /Diabetes Educator – Amanda Card-Genrick

Healthy Living /Diabetes – Hayley Huszarik

Healthy Living /Dietitian/ Diabetes Educator – Renee Robinson

Healthy Living /Dietitian/ Diabetes – Holly Landry

Harm Reduction Programs – Sean Lee-Popham

System Navigation / Pain Clinic – Kayla Schutt / Julie Morgan 

System Navigation- Mallory Kelly / Heather Sparrey 

Social Worker – Marilyn Jones

Social Worker – Joelle Shen

Social Worker – Sarah Baarbe

Chiropodist – Natasha Moshenko

Respiratory Therapist – Casey Brown

RN Diabetic Footcare – Sheila Kavanagh

Appointment Notifications – Kate Edwards 

Health Equity & OTN Coordinator – Carrie Sararas

Family Health Team Front Desk – Rochelle McGarry

Family Health Team Front Desk – Lindsay Freeman

Billing and Quality Improvement – Gwen Montroy

Data Management Coordinator – Angela Holbrook

Physiotherapy – Melanie Dalley

Health Promotion – Heather Lockwood

Executive Assistant – Jocelyn Jan 

Executive Director – Sandra McGrath 

For over 35 years, the Bancroft Community Family Health Team’s physicians have served the community with collaborative, comprehensive healthcare. Leaders of innovative healthcare initiatives, like Disease Management and Prevention Programs, our health professionals and mixed-expert board help patients take control of their health. Read more about Bancroft Community FHT Contact Bancroft FHT 19 Oak Street Box 1089 Bancroft, Ontario, K0L 1C0 Phone: 613-332-1565 Fax: 613-332-5541

August 2021