Bancroft Family Health Team

Our Physicians:

Dr. Carolyn Brown

  • Nurse for above  is Jenny (Ext 228) and Receptionist is Terri (Ext 222)

Dr. Steven Griffin & Dr. Melissa Fransky

  • Nurse for above doctors is Meryl (Ext 232) and Receptionist is Linda (Ext 221)

Dr. Alex Ferreira

  • Nurse for above doctors is Ruth Ann (Ext 256) and Receptionist is Jill (Ext 245)

Dr. Jennifer Gerasimoff  & Dr. Eric Blanchard

  • Nurse for above doctors is Lindsay (Ext 237) and Receptionist is Rochelle (Ext 236)

Dr. Ashley White

  • Medical/Admin assistant is Shannon (Ext 259)

Our Health Team Professionals:

**BFHT Nurses  – Dana , Tammy, Amanda, Hayley, Kirsten

**Social WorkerMarilyn

**DietitiansRenee, Holly


**Respiratory TherapistLysanne

**RN Diabetic Footcare – Sheila

    **Appointments for all above professionals are booked through BFHT Receptionists at Ext 233 or Ext 220


  • **All OTN appointments are booked through for system BAN_BFHT_4860