What to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19

Step One: Confirm if you need to isolate

If you have covid 19, isolating will help stop the spread of the virus.

You must isolate if you:

You may need to isolate if you: 

You do not need to isolate, but must still monitor for symptoms and take all necessary precautions:

Step Two: Get tested for if you are eligible

To ensure that resources are available to focus on the highest-risk settings, protecting our most vulnerable Ontarians and helping to keep critical infrastructure services running, publicly funded PCR or rapid point-of-care molecular testing is available to individuals that meet at least one of the criteria below.

You are eligible for PCR testing if you have at least one COVID-19 symptom and you are any of the following :

  • a patient-facing health care worker
  • a patient in an emergency department, at the discretion of the treating clinician
  • a staff member, volunteer, resident, inpatient, essential care provider, or visitor in a highest risk setting
  • a home and community care worker
  • a Provincial Demonstration School and hospital school worker
  • someone who lives with a patient-facing health care worker and/or a worker in the highest risk settings
  • an outpatient being considered for COVID-19 treatment
  • an outpatient who requires a diagnostic test for clinical management
  • a temporary foreign worker living in a congregate setting
  • underhoused or experiencing homelessness
  • pregnant
  • a first responder, including firefighters, police and paramedics
  • an elementary or secondary student or education staff who has received a PCR self-collection kit, if available through your school
  • directed by your local public health unit
Whether you have symptoms or not, you are eligible for PCR or rapid point-of-care molecular testing if you:
  • are from a First Nation, Inuit, or Métis community or self-identify as First Nation, Inuit or Métis or live with someone who does
  • are travelling into First Nation, Inuit or Métis communities for work
  • are being admitted or transferred to or from a hospital or congregate living setting
  • are a close contact in a confirmed or suspected outbreak in a highest risk setting, or other settings as directed by the local public health unit
  • have written prior approval for out-of-country medical services from the General Manager of OHIP or are a caregiver for someone who does
  • are in a hospital, long-term care, retirement home or other congregate living setting, as directed by public health units, provincial guidance or other directives

Step Three: Inform others of your exposure

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive, tell your close contacts that they have been exposed. A close contact is anyone you were less than two metres away from for at least 15 minutes, or multiple shorter lengths of time, without personal protective equipment in the 48 hours before your symptoms began or your positive test result, whichever came first. Close contacts in schools and child care should follow the school and child care-based guidance.

Informing your contact will help stop the spread of the virus. Give them the link to this webpage,, so they can protect themselves and their contacts. Your close contacts should follow the advice for being exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


The Bancroft Community Family Health Team is not a COVID-19 testing center. 

All COVID-19 testing is done at Quinte Health Care North Hastings (QHC NH) Assessment Centre. Eligible individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment by using one of the avenues listed below prior to reporting to the hospital. 

  1. Call the COVID hotline at 613-961-5544 or locally at 613-332-2825 ext. 6224
  2. Pre-register for an appointment at , once registered they will contact you with an appointment. 



Download your enhanced vaccine certificate

  • You’ll need your proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access certain businesses and settings.
  • To access these businesses and settings with your proof of vaccination, you must wait at least 14 days after getting your final dose (when you are considered fully vaccinated).
  • For more information, visit

What you’ll need – Green photo health card
  1. Expired cards are accepted.
  2. You’ll need the numbers from both the front and back of the card.

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July 2022